APCO IntelliComm has all the features needed to optimize your agency’s call taking capabilities.

  • Pinpoint and score missing information for every call
  • Customize your QA questions to match your internal SOPs or local/regional specifics
  • Filter call history by date/range and common information fields
  • Output data directly to a spreadsheet for further manipulation
  • Reporting by call taker or evaluator
  • QA is a streamlined process and can occur as soon as 15 minutes after the call is closed

  • Leverage agency transcript history and meta-data for advanced analysis insights
  • Provide dashboard style reporting that progresses as more data is fed to the system

  • Each discipline is always available on screen for immediate access
  • No need to “back out” of a screen, simply select the necessary card
  • Option to select “Immediate Dispatch” for any call or any discipline, any time
  • Running transcript that allows public safety telecommunicators to make notes and share data among all IntelliComm users in the agency, CAD system and mobile data terminals

This is a sample guidecard. Time life criticals are always available on the left margin along with immediate dispatch buttons for all three disciplines. The NCMEC cards and the ERG manual are also included and accessible from the left menu.

  • Input types can be yes/no, dropdown, multiple select dropdowns, text, etc.
  • Like APCO’s paper guidecards, criteria and text on software-based guidecards can be configured to meet an agency’s needs. Core software and functions remain consistent while card text and messaging can be modified.
  • IntelliComm allows flexibility of naming conventions and levels of dispatch
  • ISO-27001/27017/27018 data protection certified
  • Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest
  • Streamlined, secure network-based content management delivered via the IBM Cloud
  • Role-based access control
  • Agencies manage their own users
  • Modern web browsers supported for HTML5: Chrome, Firefox, Edge (version 91 and higher) and Safari. Chrome is our preferred browser.
  • All workstations within the agency always have the most recent version of software since it’s coming from the cloud.
  • Updates do not require any physical installation and there is no downtime for updates or upgrades.
  • Proxy server can be physically installed at each agency to provide additional required layers of security (at the agency’s request.)
  • Cloud-based infrastructure provides redundant access points and resilient architecture
  • System resources can be adjusted in seconds as network loads increase.
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow you to keep hands on the keyboard and eyes on the screen
  • Scalable fonts to address accessibility considerations
  • Carry forward logic allows you to answer a question once and the response will automatically appear on additional cards

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