How APCO IntelliComm Works

APCO IntelliComm enables you to create custom electronic guidecards for EMD, law enforcement and fire service and includes the most up-to-date NCMEC and ERG manuals, as well as groundbreaking features to optimize QA efforts in call taking and dispatching.

Intellicomm will connect to the IBM Cloud utilizing secure connection for communication. As a browser-based solution, updates to the software will be made in the background without impacting equipment or service. No software is installed on the ECC workstations.

Voice Recording Systems

Voice recorders can also be integrated into IntellliComms Quality Assurance application.  The recorder provider needs to have a RESTFUL API that allows us to access recordings and the server needs to be internet facing and accessible from the Cloud.  We currently have interfaces with Eventide, and Higher Ground, NICE and Equature are in process.

CAD Systems and IntelliComm

Your CAD system communicates with IntelliComm via our API.  CAD will launch an IntelliComm browser if the call meets specific criteria in any of the three disciplines.  All answers to the interrogation questions are sent back to the CAD in near real time and appear in the CAD narrative or log.

CAD systems from the following vendors are already set up to work seamlessly with APCO IntelliComm:

AlertHuber & Associates
CS EnterpriseLogisys
CS Total CommandMotorola Flex
CS ONESolutionMotorola P1
CS ForgeCADSouthern Software
CS ZuercherTyler Technologies

Don’t see your CAD vendor listed? Contact them and have them email us at